Final Exam



        Heaven and Earth:     This statue is located at the center point of the Lake Buildings. This makes it a focal point of any student who passes through this area.         


             Transitional Link:           This structure is an important icon on campus because of the legend that follows it. The Legend goes: If you walk underneath it from the unfinished side (bridge side) to the finished side you wont graduate from GVSU.     













               Zumberge Pond:                This body of water is one of the major picturesque views here on campus. It’s a central place where students are able to meet up as well as do work.  


              Bronze Horse:          This statue may not be the most popular among GV sculptures. But it was the     inspiration that gave our       team its name.













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Vadering Meme


Hadouken Meme








Quidditching Meme



(Look towards the Future)



This sculpture was built to commemorate the efforts of Bill Seidmen our schools founder. Statues don’t really speak to me. Art really isn’t my forte but I do like the fact that a guy who founded a University and was able to raise a million dollars wasn’t to good to ride his bike.






Giving Infographic: The infographic wasn’t located on a certain page but rather under the Financial Report category. Here I found some interesting information regarding the overall giving of private donors. The infographic showed that the highest giving year was in 2010 when private donations were around 28.4 million dollars. Compare that to the giving of 2015 which comes in around 16.3 million dollars. This is a difference of 12.1 million dollars and is just an interesting fact. Another interesting fact is that the endowment growth has increased by 1.2 million dollars from 2014 to 2015.


download.jpgWilly Wonka Memes: I love this meme so much because sarcasm is something i believe is lost among  online and media text platform users most of the time. So with this meme you are able to truly understand the level of sarcasm that comes with the phrase because of the great image that accompanies it.

This meme makes me LOL because the content is usually spot on with someone you know or have heard of. Especially with the image that I have chose to use. We all know at least someone on social media that is like this and this is how we truly wish we could reply to them.

Memes are so important in our culture today because they allow individuals to portray an idea no matter how simplistic or pointless it may be. If the meme doesn’t live up to our cultures standers it just disappears from obscurity.


My Future Using Social Media

Social media has taken the world by storm. With its ability to connect millions of people together in one centralized location. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have officially changed the way things are done in a professional context. Now that these platforms have gained follower’s business leaders are finding new ways of using them to reach their desired target market and audience. But as time goes on these business leaders must also be constantly updating and evolving the way they interact with their markets. The most important aspect in using these social media platforms is keeping who ever you’re trying to reach, engaged in with what you are saying. That’s why social media has become such an important tool in the world of public relations. Through the use of social media there are multiple ways of supporting and enhancing your public relations image online. You just have to realize how to do so without coming off sounding like a commercial or being insincere.

I plan on using social media in my future career in a few different ways. Social Media Examiner held a summit where they explained four different areas on how public relation professionals could better utilize social media in their careers. The first technique that I took away is how to use social media for social sharing of press releases. By finding a way to support and spread the message using social media allows me to meet the journalists where they are. Journalist use social media platforms just as much as other business professionals. So by sharing your press release on Facebook or Twitter you’re able to give the journalist what they want without interrupting their day by sending them an email.

The second technique I can take away is creating social campaigns around customer case studies. Case studies are a great way for a public relations team to build up their credibility and highlight their success. But the problem is your Average Joe isn’t going to want to read a whole article on just one case study. That’s where your social media accounts come into play. So instead of posting one giant word document of the case study to Facebook or Twitter, I would use some of the more powerful quotes the customer used in their testimonial. By picking out key quotes it sends the same message and you receive the same credibility. I would also link the quotes to a video of the customers interview to my companies YouTube channel if the video would bring in a stronger emotional response from the viewer.

I honestly just hope to be able to use social media in my future career as a way to benefit not only the company I work for but also myself. Why not use a tool that potentially has the power to make your life and career much easier? Social media platforms can be a very useful tool if they are used correctly. These platforms have become so infused with our culture and our way of life that they are now second nature. More than likely the first thing you did when you woke up this morning was turn over and check your phone. Now everyone may have a different order on how they check things. But I’d be willing to bet that most people check their texts Facebook and Twitter accounts all before they even get out of bed and definitely before they leave for work in the morning. By using these platforms your making your job easier but you must also remember to properly use these platforms because you’re playing with a double edge sword. But if used correctly you can benefit greatly from these integrated systems.

Why Recent Grads aren’t Soft Enough.

Group work in college can be something that a student despises. This of course can be from a multitude of reasons. These reasons can be that the student is afraid of being stuck with an individual who doesn’t apply his or herself fully into the project. Also there are some students that feel though that they work better on their own rather than in a group. It’s always a stressful situation when being split into groups because you feel that your grade is now being put into the hands of someone else other than your own. But we as millennials are missing the point of what group work is truly teaching us. It’s not supposed to be a huge deal that makes the lone wolf conform and become another member of the pack. Its teaching us the valuable lessons of becoming a team player, being able to problem solve and teaching us how to organize and prioritize our work.

Being able to collaborate with others while working on a project is extremely important in becoming a successful business individual. Employers are looking for individuals who not only have the relevant degree but also have the soft skills to back it up with. In an article written by Time magazine about lack of work place skills, they discovered that “44% of respondents cited soft skills, such as communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, as the area with the biggest gap.” These soft skills are vital to becoming a successful member of your work force. “The annual global Talent Shortage Survey from Manpower Group finds that nearly 1 in 5 employers worldwide can’t fill positions because they can’t find people with soft skills.” This just goes to show how truly important these skills are and why collaboration after college is so essential.

When you find yourself collaborating on a project there are a few important things to remember when trying to foster a collaborative environment. You must set team goals so that through the collaboration process you can determine if you are reaching the desired outcome of the project. You should also build positive cohesion among the different members as well as finding ways to leverage team strengths as well as weaknesses.  Through these objectives you’ll eventually start to know your team members better as well as generating a creative environment. All of these objectives can be met through any way you wish of doing your collaboration. This could be in-person, through social networking sites, or software applications such as Skype or other webcam based platforms.

But the next time you find yourself being placed into a group. Just remember that you’re developing a set of soft skill that is vital in the work place. You’re learning ways of becoming a better and more rounded individual. You’re gaining skills that will set you ahead of others that wish to not participate in these group collaborations. Sometimes it’s important to have someone there to help you with a project. By working side by side with your fellow peers you’re able to gain those soft skills that make you a valuable asset in the office.

Branding Me Where You can See it.

Personal branding correlates with your job searches in a multitude of ways. When you are building your personal brand, you’re taking everything that makes you, who you are. You’re gathering all of your passions, skills, attributes and strengths and compiling them into a brief and clear message. From just this message you’re not only able to define who you are as an individual, but how you’re essentially different from everyone else. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to do at the end of the day? Recent college graduates everywhere are constantly looking for new ways to represent themselves in the market place that distinguishes them from the rest of the pack. One way of doing this is creating your own personal brand and representing yourself in a way that singles you out from everyone else.

There are thousands of qualified applicants gunning for the same position as you. The best way to get hired is to stand out from the rest for the right reasons. A great personal brand can produce a connection with an interviewer that makes it an easy decision to hire you. But sometimes it can be difficult to come up with or create your own personal brand. But there are a few steps you can do that will help guide you in creating this clear and concise message. The first thing to do is brain storm some goals. By brain storming you’re not only getting ideas for your personal brand but also thinking of what you really want out of your career. Then you should put these into a list and categorize them in one year goals, five year goals, and even ten year goals. By doing this you’re able to look for a common theme that runs through all or most of these goals. Then look at your obstacles or the areas that you need to improve on if you want that dream position. By doing these you’re able to get an idea of what your personal brand may be.

I personally have some work to do before I have my ideal personal brand completed. As of now I see my personal brand statement saying I’m an attentive and determined individual, I offer creative and new ideas while simultaneously inspiring co-workers to peak performance, and cultivate a friendly and happy work environment built on respect, loyalty, and trust. My easy-going sense of humor has been a defining key in my work ethic that seems to bring out the best in everyone around me. I instill confidence in my coworkers while also being able to rally them to make our company a great place to work. My ideal future brand statement would also include areas that are relevant to managerial experience, being an opinion leader, and a trusted adviser in my industry.

So how can I add these areas into my future personal brand statement? The first step is realizing that I lack in these areas. So if I wish to exceed in these areas I’ll need to gain real world experience. By doing so I’ll continue to gain knowledge and acceptance from the peers in my industry. As I continue to work towards my goals and as I achieve them I am able to add to my personal brand statement. Until I’m at the point in my life where I feel comfortable with where it’s at and where my career is heading.

Social Media and Its Real World Users


I created this infographic by using the site piktochart. I started off with a template and went from there. As I started to create this chart I chose a template that had three separate boxes. These three boxes eventually turned into my three social media platforms. The social media platforms I used were Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I did use another infographic to base mine off from. But as I created mine I realized there was some information that I wanted to add and some I wanted to replace.

The new twitter information that I used can be found on this site. While the new LinkedIn information can be found on this one.  The steps I used were first find a graphic that went with my information. After finding a graphic I would place it within the box in a designed pattern. From there I created text boxes around the graphics. All the numbers are different texts and sizes from the written text. I did this so the numbers would pop out at you more. After I created all my own text boxes and graphics I chose my own background and titled my infographic. To finish the process I straightened everything up on the wooden background lines to make the infographic look more presentable.

This content could be shared on multiple outlets such as social media websites as well as blogs, power points, and presentations. To share mine I had to download it to my laptop. After the download was complete I was able to save it to my hard drive as a JPEG file. After I saved it to my hard drive, I was able to manually drop it into WordPress. Infographics are a great way to get a lot of information across in a visually pleasing way. I can see myself creating more of these in my future.

Does Facebook hold your Pinterest?

Social media platforms can be a very useful tool if they are used correctly. This can be true for both your common Joe and your high end business professional. But you must also remember that social media can be a double edged sword. Helping you in some ways, but if used incorrectly, it can damage your brand just as fast as it can help it.  That is why social media is such a key piece to our society. It has become infused with our culture and our way of life. There has been a whole generation that has grown up with the use of social media. Before social media took off in our society, mass marketing tools took business professionals away from conversing with the consumer. Larger than life ad campaigns took over the voice of the business world. But now that social media has become such a huge part of our lives it has brought the person to person conversation aspect back into the business world.

In this article “there are four distinct types of social media users: Bonders, Sharers, Professionals and Creators. All four groups use and experience the web differently, but collectively experience a sense of togetherness and excitement via the format” (N.A, 2012, ¶1). The way that I use social media resembles something that is similar to a “professionals” use. When I am using social media I’m using it to build a network for both personal and work issues. I try and maintain a professional demeanor while revealing some but not all personal information and opinions with others.

The way that I see most individuals using social media resembles more of a “bonder”. I believe in most cases that this is the type of person you encounter on a social media platform, especially on Facebook and Twitter. “Bonders love forming groups and building relationships with family, friends and colleagues. These consumers view themselves as fun, sociable and connected and like going online to catch up on what is happening in other people’s lives” (N.A, 2012, ¶3). These individuals use the social media website more for entertainment than for networking. They tend to also post anything and everything about what is happening in their lives.

When it comes down to social media there are many benefits that can come along with these platforms. For instance this article shows that “social media networks have had a transformative impact on organizations and there is a rapidly growing body of research on social media networks and business” (Aral et al., 2013, p.56). This means that research has been focused on consumer based networks like (Facebook and Twitter). The reason for this is that businesses are looking to see what factors are driving brand sentiment, consumer engagement and virility. But this type of research differs greatly from researching professional social media networks (like LinkedIn). This article shows “how firms use them to attract and retain employees and business partners” (Kacker, 2016, p. 226). But just as there are benefits to social media there can be harmful effects as well. Social media can be detrimental to our culture because it has fostered a sense of privacy when realistically it’s not private at all. Once you have posted something there is no real way of truly deleting it. This means that the post remains available indefinitely on the web.

Every company has a social media presence. Even when signing up for things online the page normally will ask you to sign in with using your Facebook account. This hasn’t always been the case. But as social media has become such an integrated part of our society our account has become an extension of us. Overall social media can be used differently by many different people. You have different people with different accounts all connected to each other. Businesses will use it differently than individuals and all individuals use it differently. But that’s what makes social media a great thing. But making sure you’re controlling this double edge sword will allow you to benefit the most from this integrated system.

Future Careers and the Skills you need to Obtain them

Assistant Marketing Director

Mall at Millenia

  • Development, planning and execution of special events
  • Merchant relations
  • Developing sponsorship opportunities
  • Budgeting
  • Website Content management
  • Three years’ experience

I believe that I fall short in the areas of developing sponsorship opportunities and of course the time of experience. The way that I could work on these things is first developing a strategy with my now internship to see how they develop their sponsorship. For the experience part I could get hired in at a lower level position at this company or another and slowly gain the knowledge and skill set this job requires.

Public Relations/Communications

American Heart Association

  • Working with Mass Media
  • Creating budgets and finical reports
  • 2-5 years in the communications or marketing field
  • Bachelor’s degree

Something that I would need to work on in this position would be the creation of budgets and finical reports. As of now I have not had much experience creating or managing either one of these in a business setting. A way to practice and become better at this would be to shadow my director at my current internship. By doing so I could see firsthand on what goes into managing a budget as well as creating finical reports.

PR Freelancer: for sporting events


  • Media Pitching
  • Media Relations Experience
  • Microsoft Office knowledge
  • Strong English Writing Skills

Areas that I would need to become more proficient at in this position would be primarily media pitching. I have not done any type of media pitch on my own and feel like this is an area I would need to improve on to obtain this position. Ways that I could achieve this is by practicing my pitches as well as listening in on others while the do it. This way I am able to gain firsthand experience.

Marketing and Social Media Manager

Aesthetic Enhancements

  • Develop/Execute marketing strategies and social media campaigns
  • Create/manage content that carries a consistent voice
  • Research, track and analyze data of consumer experience

In this position I would like to brush up on my skills that deal with researching and tracking the consumer’s experience. Ways that I could do this is by practicing at my internship where we collect surveys of consumer’s experience. Then I could crunch the data and see where we stand with our consumers.

Internship: Public Relations

Universal Studios

  • Develop content for the Universal Orlando blog and YouTube Channel
  • Create various press materials: press release and photo captions
  • Track media coverage
  • Have a Florida Driver’s License
  • In pursuit of Bachelor’s degree

As of right now I do not have a Florida driver’s license. But I will be moving down to Florida in September. Another problem is you must be in a pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree and technically on August 10th I’ll be graduated from GVSU.

Group and Event Sales Manager

Main Event Entertainment

  • 21 or over
  • 5+ years sales management
  • Immersed in the local tourism industry
  • Achieve budgeted sales targets, revenue targets and labor targets throughout the financial year

Currently I do not have five years’ experience in sales management. I am also not immersed in the tourism industry that is located in Orlando. But I could get an entry level position and over the years I could begin to become immersed in attractions that can be found around Orlando.

Public Relations Assistant Manager

Lakewood Regional Support

  • Make reservations for visiting Journalists
  • Execute photo and video shoots
  • Create social media content
  • Accompanies visiting media partners

Something that I would need to work on in this position would be executing photo and video shoots. I really don’t have any experience in this part of the field. I also wouldn’t really know how to gain this experience either. But it still sounds like a fun and creative job to have.

Public Relations & Promotions Assistant- Entry Level

Amplify Management

  • Coordinating Industry events
  • Managing projects
  • Microsoft Office
  • Keeping to date with Industry trends

In this position I would need to become more proficient at keeping up to date with industry trends. But this can be accomplished through using industry news articles, feedly and other resources that could potentially benefit me. I haven’t coordinated any industry events either. I have though coordinated other parties and company get-togethers.

Manager Corporate Customer Care

Marriot Vacations Worldwide

  • 5 years’ experience
  • Ability to work alone
  • Verbal and written skill set
  • Strong customer service
  • Detail oriented and time management

I would need to get more experience in this field. I currently have 2 years in the customer serve oriented fields. I would attempt to gain access into their Marriott Vacation Club International program to gain more experience while getting to know the company simultaneously. I would also work on my written skills as well over this time.

Social Media Marketing Intern

JennaBenna & Co,-LLC/jobs/Social-Media-Marketing-Intern-457d27783d65d12f?q=public+relations

  • Posting to mass media websites
  • Updating social media on a timely manner
  • Blog & Blogger interaction
  • Research and report on best social media practices
  • Proficient computer and software skills (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, web and social media applications)

For this position I would need to hone my skills more in the area of Adobe Creative Suite. I haven’t worked with this program personally yet and it could potentially raise or cause a problem. What I could do to become better is taking web based tutorials on the program to raise my skill setting in it.