Final Exam



        Heaven and Earth:     This statue is located at the center point of the Lake Buildings. This makes it a focal point of any student who passes through this area.         


             Transitional Link:           This structure is an important icon on campus because of the legend that follows it. The Legend goes: If you walk underneath it from the unfinished side (bridge side) to the finished side you wont graduate from GVSU.     













               Zumberge Pond:                This body of water is one of the major picturesque views here on campus. It’s a central place where students are able to meet up as well as do work.  


              Bronze Horse:          This statue may not be the most popular among GV sculptures. But it was the     inspiration that gave our       team its name.













             Kirkof Check-In:              #CAP105FINAL


Vadering Meme


Hadouken Meme








Quidditching Meme



(Look towards the Future)



This sculpture was built to commemorate the efforts of Bill Seidmen our schools founder. Statues don’t really speak to me. Art really isn’t my forte but I do like the fact that a guy who founded a University and was able to raise a million dollars wasn’t to good to ride his bike.






Giving Infographic: The infographic wasn’t located on a certain page but rather under the Financial Report category. Here I found some interesting information regarding the overall giving of private donors. The infographic showed that the highest giving year was in 2010 when private donations were around 28.4 million dollars. Compare that to the giving of 2015 which comes in around 16.3 million dollars. This is a difference of 12.1 million dollars and is just an interesting fact. Another interesting fact is that the endowment growth has increased by 1.2 million dollars from 2014 to 2015.


download.jpgWilly Wonka Memes: I love this meme so much because sarcasm is something i believe is lost among  online and media text platform users most of the time. So with this meme you are able to truly understand the level of sarcasm that comes with the phrase because of the great image that accompanies it.

This meme makes me LOL because the content is usually spot on with someone you know or have heard of. Especially with the image that I have chose to use. We all know at least someone on social media that is like this and this is how we truly wish we could reply to them.

Memes are so important in our culture today because they allow individuals to portray an idea no matter how simplistic or pointless it may be. If the meme doesn’t live up to our cultures standers it just disappears from obscurity.


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