My Future Using Social Media

Social media has taken the world by storm. With its ability to connect millions of people together in one centralized location. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have officially changed the way things are done in a professional context. Now that these platforms have gained follower’s business leaders are finding new ways of using them to reach their desired target market and audience. But as time goes on these business leaders must also be constantly updating and evolving the way they interact with their markets. The most important aspect in using these social media platforms is keeping who ever you’re trying to reach, engaged in with what you are saying. That’s why social media has become such an important tool in the world of public relations. Through the use of social media there are multiple ways of supporting and enhancing your public relations image online. You just have to realize how to do so without coming off sounding like a commercial or being insincere.

I plan on using social media in my future career in a few different ways. Social Media Examiner held a summit where they explained four different areas on how public relation professionals could better utilize social media in their careers. The first technique that I took away is how to use social media for social sharing of press releases. By finding a way to support and spread the message using social media allows me to meet the journalists where they are. Journalist use social media platforms just as much as other business professionals. So by sharing your press release on Facebook or Twitter you’re able to give the journalist what they want without interrupting their day by sending them an email.

The second technique I can take away is creating social campaigns around customer case studies. Case studies are a great way for a public relations team to build up their credibility and highlight their success. But the problem is your Average Joe isn’t going to want to read a whole article on just one case study. That’s where your social media accounts come into play. So instead of posting one giant word document of the case study to Facebook or Twitter, I would use some of the more powerful quotes the customer used in their testimonial. By picking out key quotes it sends the same message and you receive the same credibility. I would also link the quotes to a video of the customers interview to my companies YouTube channel if the video would bring in a stronger emotional response from the viewer.

I honestly just hope to be able to use social media in my future career as a way to benefit not only the company I work for but also myself. Why not use a tool that potentially has the power to make your life and career much easier? Social media platforms can be a very useful tool if they are used correctly. These platforms have become so infused with our culture and our way of life that they are now second nature. More than likely the first thing you did when you woke up this morning was turn over and check your phone. Now everyone may have a different order on how they check things. But I’d be willing to bet that most people check their texts Facebook and Twitter accounts all before they even get out of bed and definitely before they leave for work in the morning. By using these platforms your making your job easier but you must also remember to properly use these platforms because you’re playing with a double edge sword. But if used correctly you can benefit greatly from these integrated systems.


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