Branding Me Where You can See it.

Personal branding correlates with your job searches in a multitude of ways. When you are building your personal brand, you’re taking everything that makes you, who you are. You’re gathering all of your passions, skills, attributes and strengths and compiling them into a brief and clear message. From just this message you’re not only able to define who you are as an individual, but how you’re essentially different from everyone else. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to do at the end of the day? Recent college graduates everywhere are constantly looking for new ways to represent themselves in the market place that distinguishes them from the rest of the pack. One way of doing this is creating your own personal brand and representing yourself in a way that singles you out from everyone else.

There are thousands of qualified applicants gunning for the same position as you. The best way to get hired is to stand out from the rest for the right reasons. A great personal brand can produce a connection with an interviewer that makes it an easy decision to hire you. But sometimes it can be difficult to come up with or create your own personal brand. But there are a few steps you can do that will help guide you in creating this clear and concise message. The first thing to do is brain storm some goals. By brain storming you’re not only getting ideas for your personal brand but also thinking of what you really want out of your career. Then you should put these into a list and categorize them in one year goals, five year goals, and even ten year goals. By doing this you’re able to look for a common theme that runs through all or most of these goals. Then look at your obstacles or the areas that you need to improve on if you want that dream position. By doing these you’re able to get an idea of what your personal brand may be.

I personally have some work to do before I have my ideal personal brand completed. As of now I see my personal brand statement saying I’m an attentive and determined individual, I offer creative and new ideas while simultaneously inspiring co-workers to peak performance, and cultivate a friendly and happy work environment built on respect, loyalty, and trust. My easy-going sense of humor has been a defining key in my work ethic that seems to bring out the best in everyone around me. I instill confidence in my coworkers while also being able to rally them to make our company a great place to work. My ideal future brand statement would also include areas that are relevant to managerial experience, being an opinion leader, and a trusted adviser in my industry.

So how can I add these areas into my future personal brand statement? The first step is realizing that I lack in these areas. So if I wish to exceed in these areas I’ll need to gain real world experience. By doing so I’ll continue to gain knowledge and acceptance from the peers in my industry. As I continue to work towards my goals and as I achieve them I am able to add to my personal brand statement. Until I’m at the point in my life where I feel comfortable with where it’s at and where my career is heading.


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