Social Media and Its Real World Users


I created this infographic by using the site piktochart. I started off with a template and went from there. As I started to create this chart I chose a template that had three separate boxes. These three boxes eventually turned into my three social media platforms. The social media platforms I used were Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I did use another infographic to base mine off from. But as I created mine I realized there was some information that I wanted to add and some I wanted to replace.

The new twitter information that I used can be found on this site. While the new LinkedIn information can be found on this one.  The steps I used were first find a graphic that went with my information. After finding a graphic I would place it within the box in a designed pattern. From there I created text boxes around the graphics. All the numbers are different texts and sizes from the written text. I did this so the numbers would pop out at you more. After I created all my own text boxes and graphics I chose my own background and titled my infographic. To finish the process I straightened everything up on the wooden background lines to make the infographic look more presentable.

This content could be shared on multiple outlets such as social media websites as well as blogs, power points, and presentations. To share mine I had to download it to my laptop. After the download was complete I was able to save it to my hard drive as a JPEG file. After I saved it to my hard drive, I was able to manually drop it into WordPress. Infographics are a great way to get a lot of information across in a visually pleasing way. I can see myself creating more of these in my future.


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