Future Careers and the Skills you need to Obtain them

Assistant Marketing Director

Mall at Millenia


  • Development, planning and execution of special events
  • Merchant relations
  • Developing sponsorship opportunities
  • Budgeting
  • Website Content management
  • Three years’ experience

I believe that I fall short in the areas of developing sponsorship opportunities and of course the time of experience. The way that I could work on these things is first developing a strategy with my now internship to see how they develop their sponsorship. For the experience part I could get hired in at a lower level position at this company or another and slowly gain the knowledge and skill set this job requires.

Public Relations/Communications

American Heart Association


  • Working with Mass Media
  • Creating budgets and finical reports
  • 2-5 years in the communications or marketing field
  • Bachelor’s degree

Something that I would need to work on in this position would be the creation of budgets and finical reports. As of now I have not had much experience creating or managing either one of these in a business setting. A way to practice and become better at this would be to shadow my director at my current internship. By doing so I could see firsthand on what goes into managing a budget as well as creating finical reports.

PR Freelancer: for sporting events



  • Media Pitching
  • Media Relations Experience
  • Microsoft Office knowledge
  • Strong English Writing Skills

Areas that I would need to become more proficient at in this position would be primarily media pitching. I have not done any type of media pitch on my own and feel like this is an area I would need to improve on to obtain this position. Ways that I could achieve this is by practicing my pitches as well as listening in on others while the do it. This way I am able to gain firsthand experience.

Marketing and Social Media Manager

Aesthetic Enhancements


  • Develop/Execute marketing strategies and social media campaigns
  • Create/manage content that carries a consistent voice
  • Research, track and analyze data of consumer experience

In this position I would like to brush up on my skills that deal with researching and tracking the consumer’s experience. Ways that I could do this is by practicing at my internship where we collect surveys of consumer’s experience. Then I could crunch the data and see where we stand with our consumers.

Internship: Public Relations

Universal Studios


  • Develop content for the Universal Orlando blog and YouTube Channel
  • Create various press materials: press release and photo captions
  • Track media coverage
  • Have a Florida Driver’s License
  • In pursuit of Bachelor’s degree

As of right now I do not have a Florida driver’s license. But I will be moving down to Florida in September. Another problem is you must be in a pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree and technically on August 10th I’ll be graduated from GVSU.

Group and Event Sales Manager

Main Event Entertainment


  • 21 or over
  • 5+ years sales management
  • Immersed in the local tourism industry
  • Achieve budgeted sales targets, revenue targets and labor targets throughout the financial year

Currently I do not have five years’ experience in sales management. I am also not immersed in the tourism industry that is located in Orlando. But I could get an entry level position and over the years I could begin to become immersed in attractions that can be found around Orlando.

Public Relations Assistant Manager

Lakewood Regional Support


  • Make reservations for visiting Journalists
  • Execute photo and video shoots
  • Create social media content
  • Accompanies visiting media partners

Something that I would need to work on in this position would be executing photo and video shoots. I really don’t have any experience in this part of the field. I also wouldn’t really know how to gain this experience either. But it still sounds like a fun and creative job to have.

Public Relations & Promotions Assistant- Entry Level

Amplify Management


  • Coordinating Industry events
  • Managing projects
  • Microsoft Office
  • Keeping to date with Industry trends

In this position I would need to become more proficient at keeping up to date with industry trends. But this can be accomplished through using industry news articles, feedly and other resources that could potentially benefit me. I haven’t coordinated any industry events either. I have though coordinated other parties and company get-togethers.

Manager Corporate Customer Care

Marriot Vacations Worldwide


  • 5 years’ experience
  • Ability to work alone
  • Verbal and written skill set
  • Strong customer service
  • Detail oriented and time management

I would need to get more experience in this field. I currently have 2 years in the customer serve oriented fields. I would attempt to gain access into their Marriott Vacation Club International program to gain more experience while getting to know the company simultaneously. I would also work on my written skills as well over this time.

Social Media Marketing Intern

JennaBenna & Co


  • Posting to mass media websites
  • Updating social media on a timely manner
  • Blog & Blogger interaction
  • Research and report on best social media practices
  • Proficient computer and software skills (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, web and social media applications)

For this position I would need to hone my skills more in the area of Adobe Creative Suite. I haven’t worked with this program personally yet and it could potentially raise or cause a problem. What I could do to become better is taking web based tutorials on the program to raise my skill setting in it.


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