Technology in the World of Ad & PR

Technology in this world is something that has been evolving over the past couple decades. As new technology comes into the industry, the old tech is sent out. Generation X and Millennials are individuals that cannot be reached by the common press release. No, much more is needed to attract the attention of these new technology driven generations.

By having and creating a well-designed website a company or even an individual can share their own brand with thousands of like-minded people in the matter of seconds. You’re able to further your company’s image by expressing your brand to opinion makers such as bloggers and peers. By having a well-designed website you’re able to publish all of your press releases as well as bios, photos, downloadable content and even company history. But the most important thing to remember when it comes to new technology in Ad & Pr is rather than seeking out the attention of the media through press releases, a great website will bring opinion makers to it all on its own.

That’s why these new generations are almost impossible to reach with press releases. They don’t trust anything that resembles a form of advertisement and they prefer to listen to bloggers or their peers rather than a paid critic. So the only other way to reach these individuals is too find a way that attracts them to your website by grabbing their attention through the ever evolving technology that can be found in the world of Ad & Pr.

But with new power comes new responsibility and an always watching eye. With the creation of the internet a new consumer has also emerged from the depths of cyberspace.   A more demanding and deprived consumer has arose in this new technologies wake. Just as you’re able to reach thousands of people with your message, a dissatisfied customer too is able to reach just as many.  With the creation of the internet consumers have become instantaneous fact checkers who are well educated in the product they are looking to purchase. An if said product does not meet or exceed the consumer’s expectations, then it is very possible that the consumer will take their complaints to the web to rant about their experience.

But the way to combat this new consumer is with the well-maintained website. Yes, so it comes back full circle. A well-maintained website can potentially offset any negative comments or publicity given by unhappy consumers. The company’s website is the first defense against any possible complaints. It’s important to remember that you’re using your website to communicate with not only your public and consumers but with other media outlets as well. The website can also double up as a place that allows you to showcase new work and business products. By managing most of these elements from your website you’re able to provide the best service possible for your consumers and for your business.

With the internet dominating the technology game in the world of Ad & Pr it’s always good to remember that technology is here to make our lives easier and not more difficult. Though it may seem the other way around sometimes, it’s a fact that many are coming to realize. The internet serves as a communication point between countless organizations and public’s.  By having the power to instantly communicate and update your publics and consumers with company news is something that cannot and should not be taken for granted.




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